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True Power of Storms is one of the strongest supers in Yomi. In that game, it costs 3 Ace cards to use. In this game, it costs 3 cards with a 3-gold cost (neat!). If you can line up your card draws just right, True Power of Storms becomes an absurdly powerful finisher. You can win the game by casting two of them, or you can point it at any unit or hero to kill it. It even hits tech IIIs, which not many things do.

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Without even spending a card, he can create a new Skeleton token every turn. These Skeletons have lots of uses. They can protect Torken if he wants to turtle up and go for a late-game plan. They can patrol in the Scavenger slot to give him 1 gold when they die (making them cost a total of 0 gold overall), or they can patrol in the Technician slot to give him a card (letting him basically buy a card for 1 gold AND stop an attack in the process).

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