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Mature Stripper

After a few minutes, a petite Asian girl came over and asked if I wanted a private dance. I hadn't even been there ten minutes, so I declined and told her to check back after a little while. I watched a couple more dances on the main stage and tipped the performers each time they came by. I noticed on one of the side stages, there was an older performer. She was easily the oldest stripper in the club, but not unattractive. She was white, probably 5' 6", had dark black hair and was currently taking her clothes off a piece at a time. She had huge boobs. Easily DD or larger. Large areola and semi-hard nipples. Thick thighs, and extra pounds around her stomach and ass. Not fat, but definitely not skin and bones like some of the other dancers. After she was finished dancing the MC announced that her name was Midnight. I was going to tip her because I thought she had danced well, and I she was more my type, but she didn't come by my booth.

mature stripper


The club reportedly employs strippers older than the norm (aged about 45 to 60), for those looking for a more mature experience. Yelp reviewers jokingly write that this is where strippers go to retire and where men go to relive The Graduate.

Alumni of the local Pioneer school were outraged when their alma mater was transformed into a strip club with a schoolhouse theme. Multiplication tables and a copy of the constitution still hang on the walls next to the stripper poles.

In the past 40 years, a variety of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods have been developed and applied to mature, mostly depleted, and shale formation oil reservoirs. Chemical and sonic stimulation are two enhanced oil recovery methods in which emulsions are created either as a primary or secondary effect. The resulting viscosity of the oil in water emulsion is considerably lower than that of dry crude, thus increasing recovery from pay zones. During chemical enhanced oil recovery, caustic or surfactants are injected into oil reservoirs, which results in the creation of stable oil-water emulsions. The emulsions from chemical enhanced oil recovery floods can be very stable, and as such, traditional demulsifiers are often not effective. Sonic stimulation is performed by the insertion of a piezoelectric (or other type) transducer into a well and exposing a pay zone to a set of frequencies for a period of time. This new technology is still being researched; however, results have been promising. Research conducted at Pennsylvania State University has demonstrated stripper well production increases of approximately 30% after in situ well sonication. These stimulations, along with seismic activity, can generate significant volumes of emulsion that need to be broken in order to produce commercially dry oil, and meet clean water requirements that oil producers seek to achieve. A typical production specification is an oil phase containing no more than 0.3 - 0.5% water by volume and an aqueous phase containing no more than 200 ppm oil, preferably

It is often difficult to quantify the redevelopment potential of marginal oil and gas fields due to a wide range of depositional environments, variability in reservoir properties, large numbers of wells, and limited reservoir information. With traditional simulation methods, evaluation of infill potential for these fields is time consuming, labor intensive and frequently cost-prohibitive. Without adequate assessment technology, some unprofitable infill campaigns may be initiated while other promising infill campaigns may be terminated prematurely due to disappointing early results.

In this study, we developed a simulation-based regression technique to assess infill drilling potential in stripper gas well fields. With limited, basic reservoir information, this technique first estimates the spatial distribution of subsurface reservoir properties by rapid history matching of well production data. We implemented a sequential regression algorithm to estimate not only the permeability distribution, but also, the pore volume distribution from available flow rate measurements. Future production is forecast and infill drilling potential is determined using the estimated permeability and pore volume distributions. Because the method employs an approximate reservoir description, it identifies regions of the field with promising infill potential rather than individual infill well locations.

The proposed technique provides rapid, reliable and cost-effective assessment of redevelopment potential in stripper gas well fields. In the paper we first validate our approach using synthetic reservoir data. We then apply the approach to the Second White Specks formation, Garden Plains field, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Prediction of infill potential in this gas field, which has more than 700 wells, demonstrates the power and utility of the proposed technique.

The possibility of long-term romance didn't really factor into the first two Magic Mike movies, which were all about fleeting transactional encounters. I guess that makes Magic Mike's Last Dance the more mature, thoughtful entertainment, and I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing. Don't get me wrong: Tatum and Hayek Pinault have an on-screen chemistry that's both romantic and collaborative. Their characters' creative back-and-forth becomes a vision of gender parity in action: Max wants to thrill her play's female audience, but she needs Mike's smarts and expertise to do it. Still, there's something a little too dutiful and even dull about the way the characters' mutual attraction ultimately plays out.

Soderbergh has always liked to subvert expectations, and here he seems bent on short-circuiting a lot of the pleasures we've come to expect from the Magic Mike movies. The dancing and the stripping feel tamer this time around. We don't really get to know the dancers as characters, and I missed the raunchy male camaraderie of Mike's old stripper buddies, played by actors like Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, who appear in just one brief scene. At the same time, there's something fitting about how muted and even melancholy this movie feels. As the title suggests, Magic Mike's Last Dance is about a guy bidding farewell to his calling and passing the baton to the next generation. Stripping was never his dream job, but it was good for him while it lasted, and also for us. 041b061a72


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