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[S12E23] At Last

Arvin is on the phone tells his dad he may have brushed against the wall. Alex says he has no sign of any injuries. Arvin says the wall was at the hospital. Noah tells him to tell his father Rhys had a medical emergency. Rhys says it's just strep throat. He's been on antibiotics for two days. Meredith says that shouldn't cause him to faint. Noah says he doesn't know if Rhys has passed out before and Rhys's mother will kill him if he lets something happen. Rhys begs him not to talk about her. Rhys has a peritonsillar abscess that needs to be drained. Rhys doesn't want it, but Noah says he's right there. He told Noah to think of him like a father. Rhys says his mom always talks about when she's going to break up with him. Rhys's mom, Laura, comes in and is upset to learn that Rhys told Noah about her wanting to break up with him. Arvin says it's way better than their last driver's ed class as Meredith starts to drain his abscess.

[S12E23] At Last

As they wait for Rhys's CT, Meredith says she'll probably have to host the wedding. She hosted Owen's last wedding, too. Alex asks why she cares. Meredith just wanted Amelia to get a hobby because if she's talking Owen's ear off, she's not doing it for Meredith. This means more talking now. She makes Alex promise not to do it to her. Just elope or something. Rhys's CT comes up. He has necrotizing fasciitis. They rushed him into surgery to remove the infection.

Lucifer grabs Dean and they start to fight. The distraction gives Sam and Crowley enough time to get the spell ready. Once the spell components are together, Crowley tells Sam about one last important ingredient: a life.

Ojito con Shonda Rimes que tras una temporada algo floja, ha decidido pegar el arreón final: lo vimos el episodio pasado, lo vemos en este Anatomía de Grey s12e23 y ahora sí que sí, la semana que viene será la Season Finale. Tras la obra de arte del episodio anterior, con una guerra civil en forma de juicio por la custodia de Sophia entre Callie y Arizona que se saldó con la sentencia a favor de la Dra. Robbins, hoy nos enfrentamos al día después.

After Sheldon and Leonard spend two months repairing Sheldon's DNA molecule model, everyone prepares to fly to Sweden for the Nobel Prize award ceremony. Howard and Bernadette nervously leave their kids for the first time with Stuart and Denise, while Raj leaves his dog with Bert. Penny has become pregnant, though she and Leonard are keeping it a secret. On the flight, Raj meets Sarah Michelle Gellar. Penny's frequent bathroom trips make Sheldon fear she is sick. Penny reveals her pregnancy to Sheldon but, instead of being excited for her, Sheldon is only selfishly relieved that he will not get sick, and he exposes the pregnancy, offending Leonard. At the hotel, a series of minor incidents with their kids make Howard and Bernadette want to go home. Much to their dismay, Sheldon is still insensitive. Amy furiously tells Sheldon he broke his friends' hearts and that people (sometimes including her) only tolerate him because he does not intentionally do so. Everyone decides to stay for the ceremony and Raj brings Gellar as a plus-one. After they are awarded their medals, Amy encourages girls to pursue science while Sheldon thanks his family and then, discarding the acceptance speech that he wrote as a child, individually acknowledges each of his friends and Amy as his other family who always support him, apologizing to all of them for not being the friend they deserved. In the last scene in the episode and the series, the gang is eating in Apartment 4A (an allusion to the final scene in the opening credits) with Sheldon and Amy wearing their medals as a melancholic acoustic version of the series' theme song's chorus plays.

In the aftermath of the previous episode, the NCIS team continue to find associates of the international terrorist group, the Calling with the team discovering that the Calling are not only recruiting young children and teenagers through the Internet but that the group itself is also purchasing S-bombs off the black market. As such, the case turns into a global effort, bringing NCIS into contact with various federal agencies all over the world while NCIS itself later suffers a huge tragedy when one of their own is killed in a blast while Gibbs, having been left haunted by his failure to help Bradley Simek attempts to help Luke Harris, a young, vulnerable teenager from falling victim to the Calling.

The second photograph is that of Simek himself who lies on a stretcher inside a body bag, dead, his face and body both badly burnt beyond any recognition due to the impact of the blast. Simek's left eye is half open but staring at nothing while his clothes have been ripped to pieces. 041b061a72


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