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Hostile Territory(2022)

I managed to get the MVP trophy about 4 days ago by just going into matches and just playing the objective and I can't remember the name of the match but it was the one where you run through checkpoints and have to get the most checkpoints within the time limit. That gave me MVP twice just by getting more checkpoints, and then I got one MVP from hostile territory too. So keep an eye out for that game mode, you'll know which one it is.

Hostile Territory(2022)

Hostile Territory is Brian Presley's passion project as he directs, writes, and stars in the lead role of Jack Calgrove. A Union soldier captured by Confederate forces where he survived as a prisoner-of-war during the Civil War. With the war finished, he's finally released to confront an unsettling horror: his wife had passed from tuberculosis and their children had been placed on an orphan train. Shipped off to be reunited with a family member, who's about to relocate to Montana. It's a race against time and hostile forces as Jack fights to get his children back. 041b061a72


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