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Distance Learning Master Degree

North Carolina State University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, baccalaureate, masters, and doctorate degrees. Read more about NC State's participation in the SACSCOC accreditation

distance learning master degree

For over 40 years, Georgia Tech Professional Education has delivered online learning programs to career-focused adults across the globe. Built on Georgia Tech's rigorous on-campus programs, our 10 online Master of Science degrees and three hybrid professional master's degrees are designed to provide you the STEM and leadership capabilities to be competitive in your field. In addition to a sought-after credential from a world-renowned university, you can also expect:

When you participate in our distance learning programs, you access a wealth of technological and industry knowledge while building a network comprised of Georgia Tech faculty and industry professionals. A media-rich, collaborative learning environment will allow you to interact with classmates and faculty members virtually. You'll also have 24/7 access to online lectures, videos, discussion boards, and more.

The Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center promotes student learning and development and supports degree completion for students who are veterans, military, reservist, guard members, and dependents by providing comprehensive support services that enhance and compliment the academic experience. Visit the Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center website for more information.

The Master of Science in Government Information Leadership (GIL) Degree Program is a selective program that addresses the educational needs of defense and government leaders who seek to lead complex and diverse 21st Century organizations. Participants from across defense and other federal, state, and local government organizations create a learning community hallmarked by partnerships, information sharing, and network synergies. This program is offered on a distance-learning basis.

With our Tuition GuaranteeTM, you can count on fixed, affordable pricing for your entire degree program. Our online master degree programs are $698 per credit, except for the Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) and Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs which are $540 per credit. Our Competency-based MBA is $300 per credit and can be completed in less than a year.

Expand your skill set for the 21st century with a respected business degree from WGU. Our online degrees and programs offer online schooling options for both experienced business professionals and motivated learners driven to advance their careers. WGU makes business school more attainable than ever before by utilizing competency-based education so students can progress in their courses as quickly as they master the material. Students don't have to log into classes, so they can do their coursework any time, day or night. This means they can keep their job, maintain their personal lives, and get a degree at the same time.

Whether you're an aspiring teacher or an experienced educator ready to advance your career, WGU's CAEP-accredited Teachers College has a teaching degree for you. Choose from more than 30 bachelor's, post-baccalaureate, endorsement-preparation, and master's degree programs in education. WGU prepares you for teacher licensure in all 50 states and will help ensure that you are ready for the classroom. For online degrees in education, WGU is a great fit.

Earn a nursing or healthcare degree at WGU and fill a vital role in today's dynamic healthcare environment. Despite a changing economy, healthcare and nursing continue to experience strong job growth. This growth represents a great opportunity for you to further your career by completing a bachelor's or master's degree in a field like nursing, health information management, or healthcare management.

After successful completion of a minimum number of core modules, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc students may also be eligible for the blended learning option, which allows for the study of up to two modules only (from a restricted list) at LSHTM in London during the Spring or Summer terms in place of distance learning modules. Please note that these options, and the dates when the modules are held at LSHTM, are subject to change - full details will be sent to all distance learning students in July each year

Our distance learning programmes are run in collaboration with the University of London, a federation of 18 independent member institutions and universities, of which the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is one.

Through her work as a graduate student she realized that her true passion lies in education. She began transitioning to the education field shortly after she graduated, teaching classes for the Global Field Program that centered around conservation, education, and community. As a graduate from an online program, she understands the needs of students learning remotely and strives to take the distance out of distance education. Outside of teaching, she focuses much of her time on her two young daughters and enjoys hiking and traveling.

WSSU departments and units that support distance learning programs are determined, dedicated, driven, and directed to deliver accredited, relevant, engaging and timely distance courses, certificates and degree programs. We invite you to the experience and to the RAM nation!

Northwestern SPS offers online master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, and online certificate programs covering a range of academic disciplines. Fully accredited, SPS' online courses marry the best aspects of online technology with the interactivity of the classroom in a format designed to work with students' busy schedules. Many students question if there is a difference between a degree earned online versus attending class on campus. At Northwestern, students will benefit from participating in a prestigious program with no distinctions made as to whether the degree was an online or on-campus format. Regardless of whether you're earning your master's degree, bachelor's degree, or certificate online or in person, the degrees and curricula are equivalent, classes are taught by outstanding Northwestern SPS faculty, and students must meet the same admission standards.

Response:Distance education1 courses and programs provide students with flexible learning opportunities. These became especially important in the spring of 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic began to disrupt education in the United States.2 In fall 2020, some 75 percent (11.8 million) of all undergraduate students were enrolled in at least one distance education course, and 44 percent (7.0 million) of all undergraduate students exclusively took distance education courses. The number of undergraduate students enrolled in at least one distance education course was 97 percent higher in 2020 than prior to the pandemic in fall 2019 (11.8 million vs. 6.0 million). The number of undergraduate students exclusively enrolled in distance education courses was 186 percent higher in 2020 than in 2019 (7.0 million vs. 2.4 million).

NOTE: Data are for the 50 states and the District of Columbia. Postbaccalaureate degree programs include master's and doctoral programs, as well as professional doctoral programs such as law, medicine, and dentistry. Degree-granting institutions grant associate's or higher degrees and participate in Title IV federal financial aid programs. Distance education uses one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between the student and the instructor synchronously or asynchronously. Technologies used for instruction may include the following: the internet; one-way and two-way transmissions through open broadcasts, closed circuit, cable, microwave, broadband lines, fiber optics, satellite, or wireless communication devices; audio conferencing; and videocassettes, DVDs, and CD-ROMs, only if the videocassettes, DVDs, and CD-ROMs are used in a course in conjunction with the technologies listed above.

Students receive the complete distance learning degree program curriculum when they enroll at Bircham International University. This allows them to organize their time accordingly, and does not interfere with their work or personal life.

The Master's Degree online via distance learning provides students with specialized training. Students acquire practical knowledge and specific skills in courses related directly to the student's concentration. The specialized and practical training that Bircham University offers through the Master's Degree online via distance learning has become almost compulsory at the workplace. The Master's Degree online via distance learning course curricula are based on published textbook material and a research project commensurable with the course syllabus and the student's personal goals. The final exam consists of several 20 to 35 pages reports based on each of the textbooks listed in the program. In addition, the Master's Degree online via distance learning student must submit a 50 pages project. The Master's Degree is a postgraduate higher education achievement very much appreciated in most professional activities. It requires the previous completion of a Bachelor's Degree or equivalent, and earning a minimum of 45 academic credits, around 700 hours of study, plus a final project. A Master's Degree at Bircham International University is customized to meet the personal and professional goals of each student. More info...

Bircham International University distance learning degree admission requirements differ depending upon the Faculty and the major of study. There is no discrimination with respect to race, color, sex, beliefs and/or religion. A minimum of 30% of the total number of credits required by any adult degree program syllabus has to be transferred from previous education and/or validated from professional experience in order to gain admission. A maximum of 20% of the total number of credits required by the distance learning degree program can be transferred from professional and life experience. More info... 041b061a72


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