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How to Repair Corrupted Zip Files with DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2

How to Repair Corrupted Zip Files with DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2

Zip files are a convenient way to compress and store large amounts of data, but they can also get corrupted or damaged due to various reasons, such as virus attacks, power failures, network errors, bad sectors, etc. When this happens, you may lose access to your important files and data inside the Zip archive.

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Fortunately, there is a powerful and reliable tool that can help you recover your data from corrupted Zip files: DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2. This software is designed to scan and repair damaged Zip archives, sub-types of Zip archives, and self-extracting (SFX) files to recover as much of your data as possible, thereby minimizing the loss in file corruption.

In this article, we will show you how to use DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2 to repair your corrupted Zip files and restore your data.

Step 1: Download and install DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2

You can download DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2 for free from the official website[^1^]. The file you download is a self-extracting installer. Please double click it to install the software on your computer.

Step 2: Launch DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2 and select the corrupted Zip file

After installing DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2, launch it from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut. You will see the main interface of the software as below:

Click the "Browse" button next to the "Corrupt or Damaged File" box and select the corrupted Zip file that you want to repair.

Step 3: Specify the output file name and location

By default, DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2 will save the repaired Zip file as, where xxxx is the name of the original file. You can change the output file name and location by clicking the "Browse" button next to the "Repaired File" box.

Step 4: Start the repair process

Click the "Start Repair" button to start the repair process. DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2 will scan and repair the corrupted Zip file and save the repaired file as specified.

You can see the progress and status of the repair process in the log window. If there are any errors or warnings during the process, they will be displayed in red or yellow color.

Step 5: Check the repair results

When the repair process is finished, you will see a message box telling you whether the repair is successful or not.

If the repair is successful, you can open the repaired Zip file with any Zip software and check your recovered data.

If the repair fails, you can contact DataNumen support team for further assistance.


DataNumen Zip Repair v2.2 is a professional and effective tool that can help you repair corrupted Zip files and recover your data. It has a high recovery rate, supports various types of Zip files, and integrates with Windows Explorer. You can download it for free and try it yourself. e0e6b7cb5c


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