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Miele Novotronic W 986 Manual 3

It depends on your refrigerator. Some controls are on the inner sides of the fridge, while others are on the edge of the door or at the top center. Some refrigerators let you change temperature in degrees, while others have numbers for general temperature ranges. You might press the up and down arrow keys or turn a dial to adjust. Check your manual for the specifics and see the video below to learn more about adjusting refrigerator temperature.

miele novotronic w 986 manual 3

Thank you for your very useful instructable! It saved me all the frustrations. My model (miele softtronic w405) was slightly different just at the starting point. The kick plate is held down with screws. All the rest was the same! (For the w405 model owners: Just take off the withe caps, unscrew it and slide it to the left to remove.)Grazie!From Turin, Italy 350c69d7ab


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